DIC-3 Digital Handheld Anemometer by Maximum, Inc.
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This hand-held anemometer with digital display measures speeds up to 125 mph. Displays current wind speed, and stores max and average as well. The unique rotor cups fold for storage. Inlcudes carrying case.

Selected Features:

  • Unique folding cups for easy storage
  • Heavy duty ABS case
  • Accurate readings from any direction (unlike the impeller type anemometers that must be aimed directly into the wind)
  • Four selectable scales: mph, Knots, km/h, or m/s
  • 9V battery provides up to 70 hours of use
  • Gust register saves maximum speed since reset
  • Also stores average over 2- or 5- minute period
  • Item #: DIC-3
  • Manufacturer: Maximum, Inc.

DIC-3 Digital Handheld Anemometer by Maximum, Inc.

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