Display Kit for Inspeed Anemometers
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The Display kit is a slightly modified Cateye Velo8 bicycle speedometer (please note!).  We remove the reed switch end, strip the wires, calibrate it to produce the correct wind speed (WS of 114), and put super HD velcro on the back so it can be mounted anywhere.  Note:  only for use with Inspeed Classic or Version II REED SWITCH anemometers (not Hall or optical).

The display functions include a constant display of current speed (updates about 1/second), and a second display of MAX, AVERAGE, and total miles, among others...

WHEN ORDERING - please make sure to specify the connection type:  either bare wires or jack connection.  The jack connection is for Mag Mount or Flex Wire anemometers.

Thank you!

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Display Kit for Inspeed Anemometers

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