Inspeed 8-Pulse Optical Anemometer
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The VORTEX Series II Anemometer includes the following:

  • 8-Pulse Anemometer produces 8 digital pulses per rotation.  Wind speed = 0.31mph/Hz  
  • Require 5VDC input 
  • Hand made Delrin body with longer shaft and internal PC Board for sensors and options
  • Flat metal bracket or tubular mounting
  • Optional wire lengths
  • Completely serviceable and rebuildable!

The Vortex series of wind sensors have a reputation for being well made, accurate, reliable, and affordable. This latest version includes enhancements that our customers have been asking for over the years.

  • Item #: WS28P
  • Manufacturer:, LLC

Inspeed 8-Pulse Anemometer - Wind Speed Sensor Only

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