Inspeed Storm Chaser ™ Magnetic Mount Anemometer - IMPROVED!
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This digital storm chaser anemometer with dual display is deisgned specifically with the stormchaser in mind. NOV 2019: NOW WITH RUBBER COATED MAGNETS.  Wind sensor registers speeds over 125 mph. The Storm Chaser's magnetic mount lets you monitor the wind from inside your vehicle, not outside!  For increased durability, consider our metal rotor option!

The VORTEX Storm Chaser Magnetic Mount Anemometer includes the following:

  • Wind sensor
  • Magnetic Mounting
  • Wire and display with connector

Mount the Vortex Storm Chaser™ wind sensor firmly on your stormchaser vehicle, run the wire into someplace safe, dry, and warm, stick the display where you can easily see it - and you can get a wind measurement without getting wet or pelted by hail or flying debris!

The Storm Chaser is fully portable, comes with 25 feet of wire and a male/female jack connection, so you can leave the wind speed sensor installed and remove the display when not in use.

Metal Cups
This option provides an extra level of sturdiness for storm chasing in harsh environments.  Includes the WS2 series heavy duty body and longer shaft.

Extra Rotor/Shaft Option
A spare rotor is handy just in case you need to repair your Storm Chaser in the field if the rotor is struck by an object and/or a cup breaks off. 
Includes rotor, shaft, and circlip. If you select the Metal Cups Option, you can get either Lexan or Metal spare cups; if you order the standard Lexan cup version, only the Lexan spare rotor will fit.

Visual Vane Option 
This vane option allows you to see which way the wind is blowing. It is not electronic; purely visual.

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Inspeed Storm Chaser ™ Magnetic Mount Anemometer - IMPROVED!

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