Merlin Wind Speed & Direction by Maximum, Inc.
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This attractive anemometer will bring wind speed and direction information to your home with elegance and style. The Merlin Anemometer is a quality product from Maximum, Inc. that has the following features:

  • Wireless sensors with solar powered transmitter and NiCAD battery backup for up to 7 days without sunlight
  • 255 mph/kph/knots/mps range
  • Bright, 3-digit wind speed display
  • Four wind speed display modes, switch-selectable, include present, maximum, average, and forecast.
  • Average = average since reset
  • Forecast = compares last 12 minutes to previous 12 minutes
  • Wind direction displayed by 8 red LED's at 45 degree increments. 22.5 degree resolution comes when 2 adjacent LED's are lit simultaneously.
  • The Merlin diplay is powered by an AC adapter.
  • Select from Brass, Nickel, or Chrome cases
  • Mount it plain, or select from mahogany or oak plaques or mantle mounts
  • Comes complete with everything needed: wind sensor, wind vane, mounting brackets, wireless transmitter and mounting, receiver, etc. You only need to provide a pole or chimney to mount it to.
  • Item #: MerlinMAX

Merlin Wind Speed & Direction by Maximum, Inc.

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