Sirocco Anemometer by Maximum, Inc.
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This anemometer will bring wind speed and direction information to your home with style. The Sirocco Anemometer is a quality product from Maximum, Inc. that has the following features:

  • Self-powered by the wind speed generator/sensor; no batteries or AC power required
  • 100 mph range, or 45 m/s (Euro - metric model)
  • 3% accuracy
  • Provided in a solid wood mahogany-stained case
  • Comes complete with everything you need: wind sensor, mounting brackets, 60 feet of wire, etc. You only need to provide a pole or chimney to mount it to.
  • Longer wire available on request.
  • Item #: Sirocco
  • Manufacturer: Maximum, Inc.

Sirocco Anemometer by Maximum, Inc.

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