Vigilant Wind Speed Meter by Maximum, Inc.
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The Vigilant is a self-powered, quality anemometer that provides wind speed in an elegant package. Needs no battery or power source. 100 mph range, 200 mph with optional scale doubling switch. Includes wind sensor, 60 feet of wire, and mounting hardware. Additional wire available on request. Display face available in white (shown) or black. Cases available in brass (shown), chrome (optional), or satin (optional). Selection of optional Mounting Plaques. Available in Weather Station packages.

This attractive anemometer will bring wind information to your home with elegance and style. The Vigilant Anemometer is a quality product from Maximum, Inc. that has the following features:

  • Self-powered = no power source or batteries needed. The turning rotor provides the power to move the needle
  • 100 mph range standard
  • Optional scale doubling switch extends the range to 200 mph
  • Euro version available in meters/sec
  • Gust Register needle saves the maximum speed until you reset it by rotating it back
  • Select from Brass, Nickel, or Chrome cases
  • Mount it plain, or select from mahogany or oak plaues or mantle mounts
  • Comes complete with everything you need: wind sensor, mounting brackets, 60 feet of wire, etc. You only need to provide a pole or chimney to mount it to.
  • Longer wire available on request.
  • Item #: VIGILANT

Vigilant Wind Speed Meter by Maximum, Inc.

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