Wind Speed Instrument by Cape Cod Wind & Weather
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Know at a glance how hard the wind is blowing! A spinning cupwheel mounted on your rooftop or boat mast uses free wind energy to instantly register every gust of wind in real time. The decorative and elegant spun silver face of the highly polished brass dial accurately displays the wind speed from 0 - 100 mph (0 - 160 kph). The rugged rooftop transmitter is constructed of a marine-alloy of aluminum for many years of trouble-free operation.

Watch as a storm passes by – it's fun and entertaining for the whole family!

Includes 6" diameter dial, all cables, and hardware for easy owner installation!

The Cape Cod Wind & Weather Anemometer includes the following:

  • Wind sensor with mounting hardware (see Owners Manual for details)
  • 50' of Wire
  • Brass case/silver face display
  • Item #: CCWS
  • Manufacturer: Cape Cod Wind & Weather

Wind Speed Instrument by Cape Cod Wind & Weather

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