Windware Wind Speed Data Logging Kit
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The Windware Kit includes everything necessary to collect wind speed data: a quality Inspeed Vortex Wind Sensor, wire, and an interface cable to the PC.
25 feet of wire come standard, custom lengths available on request. Tested fine with more than 500 feet of wire.


The live display provides a real-time readout of the following information:
  • Current wind speed (in the gray bar)
    Maximum wind speed since last reset, as well as the time stamp when the max was recorded.
    Average wind speed since the last Reset.  The date and time of the last reset is also shown.  
    Minimum wind speed since last reset, as well as the time stamp when the min was recorded. 

If the Alarm Speed is exceeded, the color of the Current speed will change and the Digital Output will be triggered.

The live display also includes the following controls:

  • Reset Displays:  to reset the Live Displays (not the data acquisition)
    Reset Alarm: to reset the alarm and digital output
    Data Log On/Off: to start and stop data logging
    Starts logging automatically on boot/reboot so if you leave your computer unattended and there is a power outage, on reboot it will continue logging automatically. 
    Setup:  to select units, logging, etc.

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Setup provides the following capabilities:

  • Units selection:  mph, kph, knots, m/sec, and  Beaufort
    COM Port:  the port into which the Vortex wind sensor is connected
    Alarm Speed:  the wind speed at which the Live Display numbers will change color and the digital output will switch.
    NEW (December 2009): you can now click "Reset at:" to automatically reset the alarm at the % drop of your choice.
    Filename:  the name and location of the data file
    Interval:  the number of minutes between stored data sets.  It is also the interval over which the stored wind speed will be averaged.  
    (Note: this is not the same average as  the Live Display, which averages over the entire time since the live displays were last reset).

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 The data stored includes the current speed, the max and min during the previous storage interval, and the average over the interval selected. 

 It is stored in ASCII format such that it can be read by virtually any graphing software.  An example is shown here where the storage interval was one minute.

Stopping and starting the program APPENDS the new data and does NOT overwrite existing data. 


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Windware Wind Speed Data Logging Kit

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